About ContriHUB

ContriHUB is an Open Source Event, which aims to get more people into the world of open source. This event gives a jumpstart to open source development skills. It also serves as a warm up for GSoC and other global open source competitions. This is a month long event, throughout the whole event participants learn different open source tools, solve various issues and compete against one another to be the winner.

How This Works

  • Participants are required to solve the issues and earn points.
  • At the end of competition, winner will be declared from top 5 by judging the quality of issues solved by them.So the participant with the most points need not be the winner.
  • Projects registered for the event can be solved to earn points. All of them can be found at ConrtiHUB Organisation.

Scoring Criteria

Each project will have issues open in it of varying difficulty and each issue will have points associated with it as below:

  • Easy: 10 points
  • Medium: 20 points
  • Difficult: 30 points

Prizes & Important Points

Prizes (Cash prizes as well as Goodies) will be awarded in the following categories:
  • Winners (selected from the TOP 5 by the organizers) : Cash prize worth 6k
  • Top 5 Participants based on points: T Shirts, stickers and other goodies
  • Every participant with 4 PR merged will be awarded with stickers and other goodies.
  • Top 5 will get mentorship from former GSOCer Utkarsh Gupta.
  • A participant at anytime can have 2 issues assigned.If there is no activity on the issue for 3 days then the issue will unassigned and available to all.
  • Participants have to submit their PR for an issue here to be eligible for points.

Our Goals

Git & Github

Introduce budding developers to the world of Git And GitHub


Prepare aspiring developers for Google Summer Of Code 2019.


Increase awareness about the world of open source.

Improve Skills

Help mentors to improve their guiding skills.

Our Team

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Abhey Rana

I am an enthusiastic programmer who loves open source development.

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Akshay Sharma

CS Undergraduate at MNNIT Allahabad Former Intern at DE Shaw

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Deepak Bharti

CSE MNNIT'19 | @hohos

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Mohit Khare

CSE @ MNNIT'19 | Computer-Club Coordi | Android | Python

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